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3m Peltor Sporttac Stac-rd Ear Defenders Black Red

3m Peltor Sporttac Stac-rd Ear Defenders Black Red

Referentie: 7000039607
Taal: UK

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The 3M T PELTOR T SportTac T is an electronic, level-dependent hearing protector specifically designed for hunting and shooting. SportTac Sport has a foldable headband and two pairs of capsules in black and red. The hearing protector has an insulation value of SNR = 26 dB. The unique digital technology of the SportTac Sport offers a dynamic control of the external noise: while harmful sound levels are reliably attenuated, ambient noise can be heard or even amplified in normal volume. The gentle level-dependent function prevents an abrupt switching off of the sound. In addition, the SportTac Sport is equipped with an automatic switch-off function and an audio input for external radios. Soft, non-slip sealing rings guarantee an optimal fit and high wearing comfort. The foldable headrest made of stainless steel is easy to store and easy to carry. The set contains 2 x 1.5 V AAA batteries with a service life of approx. 600 hours. Suitable hygienic sets allow the hygienic and economical use of the 3M T PELTOR T SportTac T Sport.


  • Maximum insulation value, stainless steel headband, high-damping capsules, audio input for external radio, automatic switch-off function, capsule shells in various colors, level-dependent function
  • Optimum fit and increased slip resistance; Automatic shut-off function
  • Very high security, Comfortable & pleasant, Protection by secure seat of capsule, Hygienic, Economical;